Co-design of Technology Involving Autistic Children: A Systematic Literature Review

Mohamad Hassan Fadi Hijab, Bilikis Banire, Joselia Neves, Marwa Qaraqe, Achraf Othman, Dena Al-Thani

Journal: International Journal of Human–Computer Interaction | Impact Factor 2022: 4.7 | 2023

A co-design process involving autistic children can provide a substantial benefit and optimal utilization of technologies to an off-the-shelf design-based one. Having a voice and making a contribution plays a major role in the co-design process. Yet autistic children exhibit varying communication and social skill and some of them may be minimally verbal or non-verbal. For these reasons, harmonizing the techniques of the co-design process with autistic children with varying characteristics requires detailed and careful consideration.…

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