Mission Statement

Why Mada Edge ?

  • To lead challenges related to Arabic language processing research projects that support the ecosystem of Mada Innovation Program.
  • Drives the research, experimentation, and partnerships program, which is constructed to generate knowledge and data in the Arabic language where there are gaps in the community’s evidence base and share that knowledge with the sector so we can be more effective.
  • Research is core to Mada Edge’s goal of finding and highlighting evidence of what works (and what doesn’t) in digital accessibility and Assistive Technologies in Arabic language.


Lead the development of knowledge through interdisciplinary research projects with a focused-vision toward providing high-quality research outcomes with excellence through a synergic team with a mission to change the life of persons with disabilities with impact.


تعدد المجالات وتداخلها



التعاون والتضافر

Change & Impact
التغيير والأثر

الامتياز والتفوق


Analyzes and evaluates technology limitations to develop localized assistive technology and digital accessibility solutions in Arabic language through a centered-used approach;

Develops research projects to move MIP’s status along a practical path toward a beneficial future for all based on the outcome of 4th Industrial Revolution (AI, NLP, ML, …) in alignment with the UNCRPD, SDG and Qatar Vision 2030.

Develops a clearinghouse of research reports, publications and available data related to digital accessibility (Mada Edge website, Github Repository, Creative Common License).