Fostering ICT accessibility proficiency through Mada ICT-AID Competency Framework

Mohamed Koutheair Khribi, Achraf Othman, Aljazi Nasser Al Jabor

Conference: ICTA 2021 | 8th International Conference on Information and Communication Technology and Accessibility | December 8-10, 2021 | [online]

It goes without saying that Information and Communication Technologies ICT -becoming an integral part of our everyday life, are shaping in-depth transformations in our societies. As such, everyone should be able to literally use same technologies as anyone else, which means that ICT should be accessible to all, regardless of their different abilities, needs, and disabilities. To this end, there is a need to developing an ICT accessibility skilled population whose members share common understanding of ICT Accessibility and Inclusive Design ICT-AID and acquire necessary digital accessibility competencies for life and work. However, selecting suitable accessible training and education materials aligned to specific ICT-AID competencies, especially in Arabic language, remains challenging for all, which can hinder aspiration and willingness to expand proficiency in terms of using and developing accessible ICT. This paper introduces the Mada ICT Accessibility and Inclusive Design ICT-AID Competency Framework, spotting all required relevant competencies in the ICT accessibility and inclusive design field, to be used as a model for an effective integration of ICT-AID principles and practices into training and educational curricula, toward fostering sustainable and inclusive knowledge societies.